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...complete fixed and sectional press facilities along with an extensive core materials inventory...

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Laminating services Accent Manufacturing is a full service cold press laminator.

We laminate plastic (ABS), veneer, high pressure laminate, phenolic and metals to foam, FRP (fiberglass re-enforced panel), MDF (medium density fiber board) (water resistant and fire resistant), plywood, particle board and other core materials.

Our automated press line accomodates panels up to 62" x 145" (5 x 12 feet).

High pressure laminate

Accent Manufacturing provides quality cold press laminating for matte, polished, chemical resistant, anti-static and textured finishes in all grades and manufacturers of laminate.

Panels can be provided trimmed or un-trimmed.

Veneer laminating

We laminate paper and laminate backed veneer.

Special purpose laminating

We specialize in lightweight architectural panels, building custom core "assemblies", prototypes and inlays.

Post lamination services

We also offer complete cut-to-size, edgebanding and machining services.


Panel trimming and peel coat are available as options.

We also offer complete cut-to-size, edgebanding and machining services.



Architectural aluminum laminated to five inch thick insulated foam core.

These panels were used on the outside of a high rise office building in Anchorage, AK