Tips and Tricks Getting the most from our products

Is it wood or laminate? Actually, it's getting harder to answer this question.

Reconstituted or "man made" veneers are actually made from real wood, generally Poplar or other available softwoods. They are then fabricated into a man made log with the desired grain pattern.

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Welcome In the coming weeks, Accent Manufacturing, Inc will be creating a invaluable resource for ordering, layout, application, design ideas and installation tricks.

This information comes from years of experience manufacturing cabinets, countertops and assisting customers with application solutions.

Categories We will break the information into primary areas for quick reference, with downloadable pdf files.

  • Ordering
    How to complete necessary forms.

  • Design
    Getting the most from our 32mm product lines
    When to order custom cabinets
    What type of finished end works best
    Rollouts and hardware

  • Assembly
    Assembling our products
    Why we use dowel and screw
    What about using glue, when and why
    What not to do..

  • Installation
    Where to start in the kitchen, (low spot or high spot)
    How to handle corners
    Becoming an expert using fillers
    Tips on handling angles and more